HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision Paper

HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision

HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision

Topic: After reading Jacobs et al., think of a group you may lead and then think of 3 dyad situations that would be helpful. Be sure to discuss how each of the 3 chosen uses of dyads would be valuable to your group. Make sure to properly cite your sources and reference your citations at the end.

Their answer is to the above post; and you are to answer their post at least 150 words or more.

CLASS HSCO 511 Replies to:

Kristan Hart

My observation of Alcoholics Anonymous was insightful and if I had the opportunity to use the effectiveness of dyads when leading a group, I would like to apply those techniques to this group. The group is facilitated and driven by the members, therefore there is not as much structure as there would be in a more structured or professional lead meeting. The purpose of implementing dyads would not be to overhaul the AA process, but to allow a different perspective and level of engagement amongst the members and facilitator. Being a trained professional, I would use the opportunity to implement a counseling aspect to the environment of sharing.

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HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision Paper

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Based on member comments during observation, the role of the sponsor is to provide personal, one on one accountability and support, but the ability to understand themselves and others is a critical area that is absent from the process. Members mentioned being advised to seek counseling, but the use of dyads may add this element on a consistent basis. Comfort is something that is apparently present amongst the group I observed, however using a dyad to finish or transition to another topic would be beneficial to highlight what has been covered through member comments, and takeaways from those comments (Jacobs, Masson, Harvill, & Schimmel, 2016). Each person can interpret another member’s comments based on their perception or experience, but by using a dyad to finish a topic, common interpretations amongst the group can be discussed to give different perspectives for each member to consider. Next, I would use the dyad to get certain members together.

Although the bylaws of AA discourage fraternization, there is a need to establish an understanding of healthy conflict resolution. Using this dyad will help the members understand how to verbalize their frustration versus numbing it by using alcohol or other substances. Lastly, I would use the changing the format dyad to allow for some professional, leader given input. Within a group there are common dilemmas and issues that each of the members are confronted with through ought their lives. This part of the AA transformation would be to give professional feedback and understand commonalities and struggles that many people encounter and measures to navigate through those instances with professional input.

Proverbs 4:7 New Living Translation, “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding”. The comfort offered as each person shares their victories and struggles in these settings is beneficial, but what will prove to extend the benefits of this group, I believe is understanding the behaviors that continue to perpetuate their addiction. HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision.

Jacobs, E. E., Masson, R. L., Harvill, R. L., & Schimmel, C. J. (2016). Group counseling: Strategies and skills (8th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning

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Sharquita Dudley

Dyads in Counseling and Therapy Groups

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As a future LCSW I may lead  Counseling and Therapy Groups. Dyads will be useful in these groups by the following; Developing Comfort, Processing Information and group exercises and Providing Leader/ Member interaction. Counseling and Therapy Groups are for persons who have more severe problems that I deem difficult. “In the first or second session of a group, members are uncomfortable at the prospect of talking in front of other people” (Jacob et al 2012, p.211). The use of Dyads will assist in developing comfort for group members. This also will allow the group members to identify personal issues while building safety for the group.

In addition using dyads in Counseling and Therapy Groups will give room for members to process information and group exercises. With this type of group I would be responsible to help the clients work on their issues. With use of different exercises bringing up different emotions, questions, and further self- actualization the group needs a chance to be able to process this information. Jacob et al describes this use of Dyads as “providing each member with the opportunity to give reactions, share ideas, or raise questions” (Jacob et al 2012, p. 212).  This allows everyone to share as well. Especially if it is a big group and limited time. Lastly, in In Counseling and Therapy Groups Dyads will assist in providing Leader/ Member Interaction. Due to the variety and severity of the client’s disorders in Counseling and Therapy Groups the leader may need to spend one on one time with individual members. Creating Dyads at this time would be helpful for the leader while creating an opportunity for members to bond. HSCO 511 -4 DB Decision.


Jacobs, Ed. Masson, Bob. Harvill, Riley. Schimmel, Christine. (2012). Group counseling strategies and skills. Belmont California: Brooks/Cole.

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: After reading Jacobs et al., think of a group you may lead and then think of 3 dyad situations that would be helpful. Be sure to discuss how each of the 3 chosen uses of dyads would be valuable to your group. Make sure to properly cite your sources and reference your paper.

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