Patient Care Delivery


Patient Care Delivery

Assessment Description

There will be times when the doctorally prepared advanced practice nurse will need to suggest a change in patient care delivery. It will be important for the doctorally prepared advanced practice nurse to understand how to deliver information and what information should be shared with an audience.


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Patient Care Delivery

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This assignment will give you practice with presentation software along with preparing you to provide specific information for your proposed changes. This is a two-part assignment that will also give you practice in presenting to administrators.

General Requirements:

  • This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic and at least one in-text citation from each source.


Part 1:

Create a 12-15 slide presentation (PowerPoint or voice-over; Prezi, include voice-over) that presents a proposed change in patient care delivery related to your DPI Project. The presentation must demonstrate considerations for finance, quality, patient safety, and patient experience. 

The speaker notes must contain a detailed script of your presentation, as if you were verbally presenting. The speaker notes must include embedded citations supporting your presentation.  (About 100 Words per slide)

Include the following:

  • Background of issue
  • SWOT analysis
  • The proposed solution
  • How the solution meets the need of the population (stakeholders, cost, and payer to proposed change)
  • Proposed change process
  • Expected outcomes
  • Implications that are realistic and aligned with current and future health care financing

Part 2:

  1. Present your presentation to at least one administrator. Inform the administrator on the purpose of the assignment and that you will be seeking feedback on content and delivery. This is an opportunity to practice presenting to the executive team.
  2. Write a brief summary (100-250 words) of the feedback given to you by the administrator(s).


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