Razadyne (Galantamine) 4 mg Decision Tree Essay

Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay

Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay

Decision Point One

Begin Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg orally BID


  •  Client returns to clinic in four weeks
  •  The client is accompanied by his son who reports that his father is “no better” from this medication
  •  He reports that his father is still disinterested in attending religious services/activities, and continues to exhibit disinhibited behaviors
  •  You continue to note confabulation and decide to administer the MMSE again. Mr. Akkad again scores 18 out of 30 with primary deficits in orientation, registration, attention & calculation, and recall
  • Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay

Decision Point Two


  •  Client returns to clinic in four weeks
  •  The client’s son accompanies the client to his appointment today. The client is in a wheelchair and is somewhat agitated. Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay.
  •  You are informed by the son that his father has not taken his medication since he got out of the hospital. Apparently, about 7 days after starting the Galantamine extended release, the client began having seizures which resulted in a fall and fractured hip. The son reports that his father is agitated with everyone and is asking for help in treating his agitation

Decision Point Three

Guidance to Student

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Razadyne (Galantamine) 4 mg Decision Tree Essay

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Razadyne extended release 24 mg is a “target” dose—not a starting dose. Side effects of Razadyne include GI side effects as well as dizziness. Rare side effects include seizures. If no other medications were added to the client’s medication regimen and no other physical issues were present (e.g., metabolic derangements), then the high dose of Razadyne in this client would most likely be responsible for his seizures, which resulted in the fall and the hip fracture. This would represent malpractice. If the PMHNP were to consider restarting Razadyne, it should be restarted at a proper starting dose, as side effects are often dose dependent. Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay.

Risperdal would not be appropriate to treat agitation in this client as the FDA has issued a black box warning against the treatment of agitation in dementia with antipsychotic medications. Although they can still be used despite black box warnings, the PMHNP should conduct a comprehensive assessment of this client to see if a physical issue is causing the agitation. A hip fracture is often associated with pain, and untreated pain may be the cause of the client’s agitation. Therefore, assessment for pain would be the correct choice in this scenario.

Never use psychotropic drugs to treat behaviors until physical causes of the behavior have been ruled out (e.g., pain, infection, constipation). Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay.

Finally, it is important to note that changes in the MMSE should be evaluated over the course of months, not weeks. The absence of change in the MMSE after 4 weeks of treatment should not be a source of concern. Razadyne (galantamine) 4 mg decision tree essay.

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