Assignment 3: Sugars and Food Labelling

Assignment 3: Sugars and Food Labelling

Assignment 3: Sugars and Food Labelling

Step 1: Read about sugars

  • Write a one page paper explaining the differences between natural sugars and added sugars

Step 2: Choose 5 foods items with food labels

  • List the ingredients
  • Find ALL of the added sugars hidden in the ingredient list and highlight them

You may include pictures of the food labels

METHODS As this study was focused on the complex factors and processes that influence self-care rather than preidentified predictors of self-care, qualitative research studies were the focus of this review. Qualitative systematic review has been used to understand various aspects of health around disease management21 22 and, importantly, is not depend- ent on using studies that self-identify (eg, via titles and abstracts) as being related only to ‘self-care’. This is vital when reviewing qualitative research of HF because studies are often framed in general terms (eg, ‘patient experiences’) but may contain themes and data relating to HF ‘self-care’. As both patients and caregivers are involved in self-care and supported by healthcare professionals, studies including and pertaining to each were included. HF self-care was defined in the review as ‘the decisions and strategies undertaken by the individual in order to maintain life, healthy functioning and well being.’23 To support consistent interpretation between the research team, data or themes were interpreted to be relevant if: findings related to any process, phenomena, or construct that pertains to the self-care of HF in patients or support of self-care by lay caregivers.

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Assignment 3: Sugars and Food Labelling

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