Assignment: Public Surveillance in Epidemiology

Assignment: Public Surveillance in Epidemiology

Assignment: Public Surveillance in Epidemiology

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· Core Functions of Epidemiology

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) (CDC), the epidemiology core functions consists of public surveillance, field investigation, analytic studies, evaluation, and linkages.  Policy development was identified and included as the sixth core function of epidemiology. Surveillance is the process of interpreting the collected data to utilize in the process of guiding decision-making actions representing “information for actions” (CDC, 2012). Field investigations involve confirming or clarifying the reported information via phone calls or field visits to individuals seeking information related to identifying the mode of transmission (i.e. the source) transmitting sexually transmitted diseases or directing epidemic events gathering data.  Applying analytic studies involves the use of the following studies of design, analysis, conduct, interpretation, and communication of obtained data.  The design consists of the research design.  Conduct is the process of obtaining clearance, utilizing ethical principles, locating subjects, and specimen collection. An analysis is the calculation of rates, computation measures, etc.  The process of evaluation consists of determining the effectiveness, and impact of the activities.  There are two components of the evaluation phase effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness represents producing the intended results.  Efficiency seeking the intended results with the least amount of time and resources.  Linkage consist of either being a team sport or participating as a member of the multidisciplinary team established relationships with either other institutions or agencies. The added task of policy development requires the epidemiologist to initiate appropriate recommendations.

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Assignment: Public Surveillance in Epidemiology

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Public health surveillance is an instrumental component of epidemiology.  A factual basis is a necessity of the agencies involved which are required to formulate priorities, set a foundation for much needed programs.  Also, it implements various actions to protect the public’s health.  As a nurse practitioner, the epidemiology core function public health surveillance require compliance with participating in the importance of data collection and reporting data.  In the United States Cancer is considered the second leading cause of death (Ryerson & Massetti, 2017).  Data collection related to cancer surveillance is essential to identifying various needs of the individual related to planning interventions, involving public health resources, assessing the effectiveness of initiatives directed towards successful treatments and prevention (Ryerson & Massetti, 2017).  Cancer control is reliant upon obtaining data related to cancer prevention and the prevention of negative health consequences of a diagnosis of cancer.  I would collect data related to cancer and report the information to the CDC according to their reporting requirements.

A recent implemented CDC surveillance we all participate in consist of the smoking cessation assessment completed during each admission to our units daily.  The completed assessment data is passed on to the appropriate data collection department for reporting purposes.  According to Ryerson and Massetti (2017), interpreted WHO’s view as “surveillance is the process of continuous, systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data intended to plan implement, and evaluate public health practices.”


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