Collaborative Learning Community: Controversy Debate

Collaborative Learning Community: Controversy Debate

Collaborative Learning Community: Controversy Debate

I will copy and paste the directions to this assignment below:

1. The selected issue must adhere to the broad category of ”controversial.” The argument must be able to present two sides (for and against).
2. Belief in the issue is not a prerequisite; groups will be graded on the quality of the argument. First person and opinion should not be used.

Division of Teams: Each CLC team will be divided in half, representing the two sides of the chosen issue. There must be a relatively equal number of students on each CLC team representing each side of the team’s issue. For example, a CLC team of four would have two members on one side of the issue; they will argue ”for” the issue, while two members on the other side of the issue argue ”against”. For uneven numbered groups, the odd numbered team mate as an example, could be assigned to write the introduction, conclusion, submit to turnitin and revise, as well as edit.
Each side must construct propositions for specific viewpoints on the issue and counterarguments against the other side’s viewpoint.
Final Product: Each side is responsible for approximately 500-600-word paper that will be combined into a single group submission culminating in a minimum of 1,500 words.


The topic for this outline is: The impact of social media on teens. And the debate portion on my end is that I am AGAINST. I will link the GCU library database below, so you can get the sources from there. I will post my log in credentials as well. Thank you

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Collaborative Learning Community: Controversy Debate

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