Communications and Advocacy on Tobacco Health Risks

Communications and Advocacy on Tobacco Health Risks

Communications and Advocacy on Tobacco Health Risks

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Please follow the instructor carefully.

You are expected to post a primary response to the discussion topic. All posts should address the discussion topic/question, add to the discussion, and/or encourage others to respond. Facts and claims MUST be supported with APA format citations and references. Use personal experience, course resources such as textbook and additional readings, library references and resources, and well-reputed internet sources, which includes reputable media sources, as well as scholarly sources. Your primary response to the topic/questions posed should be 2 -3 paragraphs, and be thoughtful, well-written, and include appropriate APA in-text citation(s) and reference(s) when appropriate.

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Communications and Advocacy on Tobacco Health Risks

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In public health and policy advocacy, tobacco control is a rich resource for publications on tobacco control policy advocacy and health communication. Yet, tobacco use is still one of the most preventable causes of death and disability worldwide. For this discussion board students will review how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has dedicated its’ efforts to the fight against the tobacco industry and tobacco use, therefore improving health outcomes for all individuals.

  • First, RWJF document: Major Tobacco-Related Events in the United States ()
  • Then, review the RWJF document: The Way We Were – Tobacco Ads Through the Years ()
  • Lastly, review: Tobacco Control Work 1991-2010 ()
  • You do not need to review these documents with a fine-toothed comb – you can browse through them. As you review them, notice the relationships between events such as advocacy groups activities, tobacco industry tactics, research reports, national policy, legislation, regulations, judicial and media advocacy. Notice changes in tobacco consumption in the United States and their relationship to different milestones and associated policies.

In your primary post, respond to the following, using complete sentences:

a) Many in the position of the Surgeon General of the United States have each issued “Surgeon General” reports, but the report of 1964  is hailed as one of the most significant public health reports in history. Notice the steep decline in smoking after that report (Hint: see document #1 and #3 above).

.Why might this report have “turned the tide” of smoking? Describe.

 .What effect might this report have had on policy makers? Describe.

b) Identify two additional changes that impacted tobacco consumption and for each, describe the effect you saw, and describe why you think it had that effect. These changes should be connected to specific policies, communication practices or advocacy tactics.

What populations do you think these changes impacted most significantly and why? You may include personal story or reflection to support your case.



  • You are required to use at least TWO sources from the textbook, government reports, peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks. Use your OWN WORDS (e.g., do not cut and paste from a government report or article). Communications and Advocacy on Tobacco Health Risks.

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