Health Promotion / Health Literacy Paper PART II

Health Promotion / Health Literacy Paper PART II

ASSIGNMENT (20%) PART I: Health Promotion / Health Literacy Paper PART II: Patient Factsheet Both DUE February 05,2019

PART I: Patient education materials are designed to give / reinforce knowledge, improve understanding and compliance, and serve as a resource for patients. To complete this assignment, students will identify a topic of their choice from the Healthy People 2020 Topics & Objectives list (). Students will write a 4 page APA paper on their chosen topic. In their paper students will discuss the topic, including description, incidence, costs, goals, and it’s overall impact on the population at large. Students must have a minimum of 3 current references to support their work.

PARTII: For the second part of this assignment students will create a patient centered educational pamphlet or handout (“factsheet”) that summarizes the problem and can aid in improving knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic. Additional resources for this assignment can be found at:


Grading Rubric: Health Promotion Paper (worth 80% of assignment) Percentage Worth APA format (title page, reference page, double-space, running head) 10 % Topic chosen is from appropriate resource (Healthy People 2020) & specific 10% The problem is clearly identified & includes discussion on incidence rates, 60% costs, goals, desired outcomes (largely why is this a problem / goal)

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Health Promotion / Health Literacy Paper PART II

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Grading Rubric: Factsheet (worth 20% of assignment) Pamphlet should be aesthetically pleasing, attractive to the reader with organized structure (i.e. use of Illustrations, headings, subheadings). It should be literacy appropriate (evidence that the CDC toolkit for health literacy was utilized). It should include current data regarding the problem (incidence, costs) and should be culturally appropriate and / or inclusive of cultural specific wording. Factsheet MUST BE submitted as an appendix to the Health Promotion Paper.

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