Healthcare Paper Parts 1 & 2 Assignments

Healthcare Paper Parts 1 & 2 Assignments

Healthcare Paper Parts 1 & 2 Assignments

Healthcare Paper Milestone 2-Strategic Planning Approaches

Now that you have selected and carefully reviewed your case study, it is time to begin analyzing the situation the healthcare organization faces. In this milestone, you will evaluate the issue it faces in light of its mission, vision, and values.

You will write a 2–4-page analysis of the organization’s strategic planning approaches.

Be sure to address the following:

A. Based on its mission and vision statements, what can you discern about the organization’s approach to strategic planning? Be sure to provide specific examples to justify your response.

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Healthcare Paper Parts 1 & 2 Assignments

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B. What is the prevailing issue in question in the case study you selected?

C. What do you see as the overall strategic planning concerns for the healthcare organization with regard to this issue?

D. What role do you feel the healthcare manager plays in terms of strategic planning around this issue? Be sure to substantiate your claims.

E. Who are the key stakeholders affected by or involved in this issue, and what role do they serve in strategic planning within the organization?

Guidelines for Submission: This short paper should be between 2 and 4 pages, not including cover page and references. This paper should be in APA format.

Case study

Harris, R., Vogt, K & Gilinsky, A. (2004). Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the Health Care

Industry. .Retrieved from



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