Medical Errors: Root Cause Analysis

Medical Errors: Root Cause Analysis

Medical Errors: Root Cause Analysis

  1. 1-2 page narrative cover letter (This is where you introduce your topic and include referenced information from the 5 articles you chose to do annotated bibliographies on.  Referenced information from all 5 articles must be included.
  2. Completed Root Cause Analysis Action Plan Framework Template
  3. An APA Reference list.

  • 1-2 Page Narrative Cover Letter:

Typed narrative cover sheet (1-2 pages in length) providing the context for the event and suggestions for changes in policy/procedure, which would assist in prevention of future occurrences of the same type. Remember the discussion post you did in Week 2 describing the error you would evaluate? Consider revising that post in light of everything you have learned this term and using it as your cover letter.

  • Completed Root Cause Analysis Action Plan Framework Template:

Do this part first! Download the “Root Cause Analysis Action Plan Framework Template” (attached to the top of this page), and answer each of the questions. Make sure you follow the instructions on the form.
Answer all of the questions in the template.
If you identify a finding that is a Root Cause, you mark is as needing an Action Plan (yes or no).  If it is marked Yes, you address the Plan in the Action Plan section of the Template.
Also regarding the Action Plan item, list the Responsible Party (RN, CNA, MD, LPN, etc) and the Method: Method: Is the Action Plan item related to: Policy, Education, Audit, Observation or Implementation.

  • Reference List:

Compile all parts of the annotated bibliography you created into one single reference list.

Cut and paste all 3 parts of the assignment into 1 WORD document

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Medical Errors: Root Cause Analysis

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