Multicultural Nursing Assignment Responses

Multicultural Nursing Assignment Responses

Multicultural Nursing Assignment Responses

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Nurses practice in many settings, and they have to acknowledge and embrace different cultures to help them execute their roles effectively. Multicultural nursing is an essential aspect of the profession, as nurses work and interact with people from various backgrounds. Practicing in a multicultural city like Miami provides specific benefits for nurses.

The first key benefit is that such a setting can inspire creativity and be a key driver of innovation. Culture influences the way people view the world, and this has a profound effect on how nurses approach people (Im & Lee, 2018). A multicultural city offers novel perspectives that inspire nurses to view the workplace differently. The setting is diverse in regards to ideas, and this is a crucial driver of innovation to solve issues about patients in a new and innovative way (Repo et al., 2017). It means that a diverse cultural background leads to new ways of thinking in the nursing profession thus advancing the role of nurses in the healthcare spectrum.

Another key benefit is that the multicultural setting enables nurses to adjust their practice to attend to patients from various backgrounds. The service offered by nurses is adapted to fit into the multicultural landscape thus help professionals to thrive. Furthermore, native language skills, local connections, and cultural understating can enhance the development of the profession. The crucial last benefit is that such a setting forges cultural sensitivity, local knowledge, and insight leading to higher quality services. Cross-cultural understanding and local market insight enable the development of more effective nursing strategies.

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Multicultural Nursing Assignment Responses

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Nowadays the nursing care system has advanced considerably far. Implemented innovations and a diversity of cultures make it challenging to embrace all necessary knowledge about nursing specifics and care approaches. Madeleine Leininger, a prominent nursing theorist, managed to develop a theory of the Transcultural Nursing Theory or Culture Care Theory, which talks about the importance of cultural aspects in nursing practice and explains what elements of care are crucial for patients. Madeleine Leininger was dedicated to her nursing career.

Leininger identified lack of cultural and care knowledge as the missing link to nursing’s understanding of the many variations required to support compliance, healing, and wellness (George, 2002). Therefore, she identified a transcultural nursing as a new term in a nursing care practice. Madeleine’s Transcultural Nursing Theory or Culture Theory is a significant step towards specifics of nursing practices between many countries.

Leininger’s theory has its advantages to a diverse population, such as Miami’s, in that it is able to provide care measures that are in harmony with an individual or group’s cultural beliefs, practices, and values (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). The scholarly article, “Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists” explores the Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality theory in understanding the phenomenon of culturally congruent care. It becomes possible when several conditions between nurse and patient relations are satisfied. “Together with the nurse and the client design a new care lifestyle for the well-being of the client; all care modalities require the participation of the nurse and clients to identify, plan, implement, and evaluate each caring mode for culturally congruent nursing care. These modes can stimulate nurses to design nursing actions using culturally based ways to provide meaningful and satisfying holistic care to individuals” (Leininger, 1991).

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The people living in Miami, for example, are highly diverse. With all genders, ethnicities, and cultures living together, the nursing workforce benefits greatly from practicing with this population. Because our patients are becoming increasingly more diverse, nurses who are also diverse and caring for patients is a major benefit. Nurses who understand an individual patient’s background, culture and experiences on a personal level increases that patient’s comfort level considerably. All nurses benefit when employers make diversity a priority. Nurses are ensured fair access to open positions, promotions and other employment benefits when diversity is valued, but they are also able to seek support from other nurses who share their culture, ethnicity or other characteristics.

Turk, Fapohunda & Zoucha (2015) employed the use of Leininger’s theory when determining the habits of Nigerian immigrants’ eating and physical activity in the United State. The data collection tools utilized in this study were qualitative visual ethnography using Photovoice and Photovoice methodology and Leininger’s four phases of qualitative analysis were used to analyze photographs, field notes, and focus group transcripts.

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