Practicum Journal: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills

Practicum Journal: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills

Practicum Journal: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills

Each week you will complete a Practicum Journal entry and Time Log that prompts you to reflect on and document your Practicum Experiences.

Practicum Journal

Continue documenting your Practicum Experiences in your Practicum Journal. Reflect on your practicum experiences and relate them to your Professional Goals and Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills that you identified in Week 1.

Follow journal entry format and choose any illness or patient…..


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Practicum Journal: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills

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Reflect on a patient who presented with a disease. Describe key signs and symptoms that were consistent with this disease. If you diagnosed the patient with the disease, describe your experience in telling the patient that she had the disease, as well as the patient’s reaction to the diagnosis. Explain how the diagnosis might impact the patient’s life short-term and long-term. Include an explanation of the patient’s medical history, drug therapy and treatments, and follow-up care. If you did not have an opportunity to evaluate a patient with this background during the last four weeks, you may select a related case study from a reputable source or reflect on previous clinical experiences.

After speaking with the family, Dr. Benjamin was approached by Lindsey and she explained what she believed had occurred. An incident report was written and in the rush was filed on the patient s chart instead of being sent to Risk Management. What Lindsey and Dr. Benjamin did not know is that one of Mr. Johnson s relatives, Larry Lincoln, had overheard their conversation.

A week later the patient s family contacted an attorney and a subpoena duces tecum was sent to the hospital for copies of Mr. Johnson s chart. Cynthia Myers, the release of information specialist, was on vacation, so Sandy Silvers, a second shift HIM clerk, received the request to retrieve the records, make copies, and prepare it for the lawyer s office. Since Sandy had only been working three months in the department, she had never seen an incident report before, and did not know where to file it. Since no supervisor was available, she filed it into the chart behind the Miscellaneous tab. Later that day, a copy of Mr. Johnson s chart was delivered to the lawyer s office.

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