Teaching Presentation: Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy

Teaching Presentation: Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy

Teaching Presentation: Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy

Teaching Presentation- Discuss and receive approval of your topic from the unit manager, charge nurse, preceptor & clinical professor. The topic must be appropriate for staff or client’s needs. Discuss & receive approval for teaching project title and submit a teaching outline to your clinical instructor prior to the scheduled presentation. The written outline should include:

· Topic.

· Rationale for choosing the topic.

· Introduction to the problem.

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Teaching Presentation: Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy

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· At least one goal.

· At least three behavioral objectives

Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Cognitive, psychomotor & Affective domain

· Teaching strategies (research and prepare a poster board, Flip chart, PowerPoint presentation, or other visual aids)

· Evaluation method/tool (pre-test, post-test, return demonstration, etc.)

· Conclusion.

· References (at least 5-6 relevant and current evidence-based peer reviewed articles)

opening, provides background information, and states the topic.

Loosely organized document that may have to be inferred.

Transitions are appropriate and help the flow of ideas.

Conclusion summarizes main argument and has a clear ending.

Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout. Errors are infrequent and do not interfere with readability or comprehension.

APA format is attempted to paraphrase, quote, and cite, but few errors are present.

Introduction catches the reader’s attention, provides compelling and appropriate background information, and clearly states the topic.

Well organized document with an appropriate introduction.

Transitions are thoughtful and clearly show how ideas relate.

Conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of closure and provides concluding insights.

Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout that helps establish a clear idea and aid the reader in following the writer’s logic.

APA format is used throughout when appropriate or called for.

[Score x 5 = 20p

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