Walden NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion Introduction

NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion Introduction

Walden NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion

I graduated from nursing school in 2013 intending to become an FNP eventually. With obstacles life can throw at you, I did not start college as soon as I wanted to, and I indeed did not become a nurse at the age I had envisioned while in high school. However, my initial goal of becoming an RN was accomplished, and just when I thought I could never complete my BSN, I did just that through Walden in 2018 with Cum Laude recognition. The main thing that I feel gives me the determination to set goals and achieve them is my family. I have three children I am a role model for, and they give me my motivation and drive. With all of this in mind, I am thrilled to be posting this discussion for everyone to read in this class today.

Walden’s Mission and Relation to My Goals

During my initial research of colleges, I looked at a few and almost went with a different choice than Walden. There was something different about the people I was in contact with during the beginning phase, and the more I learned, the more I realized they would make it possible for me to work full time, complete school and have time for my family. Not only was the time required substantially more flexible, but it also cost less per credit hour as well. Walden’s mission statement relates to my professional and academic goals because it is allowing me to further my education and have a positive impact on not only my community but the families and patients I have contact with. Advancing my nursing education allows me to be a better patient advocate and improve outcomes by the continuity of care I provide. The outcomes and perspectives relate to my personal goals because as a graduate nurse, I will be able to apply all of the knowledge and growth I gain to continue learning and impact social change NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion.

School of Nursing Mission

The School of Nursing (SON) mission statement mentions realizing your potential so you can make a difference in the nursing field. For me, this has always been something I use to remind myself that not just anyone can become a nurse. It takes hard work, dedication, and compassion to do what we do, and that’s something we should always take pride in. Now to be on the path that is going to ensure we are all scholarly practitioners is nothing short of Walden’s mission. I feel the resources and ease of access we receive from Walden go above and beyond in helping us all to achieve our professional goals.


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Walden NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion Introduction

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Walden NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion

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