NIU NURS425 Final Reflection Paper

NIU NURS425 Final Reflection Paper

NIU NURS425 Final Reflection Paper


Total Points Possible = 20

· Papers are due by midnight on Monday week 8, see schedule for date. No late papers will be accepted.

· Papers must be a minimum of 2 pages (double-spaced) in length. This paper involves your own perspectives, so do not include any references. No title or reference page is needed. However you must follow principles of good writing (no typos, clarity of sentences, attention to grammar, etc.)

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NIU NURS425 Final Reflection Paper

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· What is a reflective paper?

o A reflective paper gives you the opportunity to reflect back on the experiences and learning you have obtained from this course and to place your learning in context with your past, present, and future practice and experience. Reflecting on your learning helps to facilitate the integration and synthesis of newly acquired knowledge and experience.

· What should not be included?

o A list or description of what you learned

o An evaluation of the course – that will be done through the course evaluation process.

Reflection Questions (15 points) (worth 3 points each)

· Discuss experiences and learning in this course on your past, present, and future practice

· What progress have you made in acquiring technology skills since the beginning of this course?

· How will you continue to expand your skills in this area?

· Envision the nursing informatics applications that are currently in use. What will or should come next?

· How will you become involved in the creation of theories, tools, and knowledge of the future?

Scholarly Writing (5 points)

Correct APA Font and size (1 point)

Correct double spacing, margins, and follows page length (1 point)

Correct Grammar & sentence structure (1 point)

Organization (1 point)

Proofreading (1 point)



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